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Aims of the AR Toolkit

This AR toolkit is intended as a practical guide for those starting to develop AR applications. It outlines the roles and processes involved in developing and delivering AR content. The toolkit encapsulates the experience of the team involved in developing the SCARLET (Special Collections using Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning and Teaching) project and is intended to provide a framework for others to follow. SCARLET project methodology was necessarily agile to reflect the exploratory nature of AR development; this is reflected in the toolkit.

Toolkit structure and navigation

The toolkit comprises a number of sections and you may prefer to start at the beginning and read through each section in a linear way or skip to the sections of most interest to you and your job role.

Feedback and evaluation:

This toolkit was made available in July 2012 and is being tested and evaluated by a variety of groups and organisations. This is an evolving resource so we welcome feedback that helps to inform development of this toolkit. Please get in touch with us and leave your feedback here (add link to survey or email address).

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