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Is content accurate and in context?

Prior to deploying AR content, it is important for an academic to check the validity of the final content. This should already have been done on an iterative basis throughout the development process.

If you are using visual recognition based AR, extensive testing should take place to ensure the AR content is easy for the user to uncover. Sometimes, environmental conditions such as bright sunlight or reflective surfaces can cause problems for the AR browser to work effectively. If the tracking images are situated in a library or museum close to windows, ensure that testing takes place on days with varying light levels.

What bug testing is required?

If possible test AR software on a variety of devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones, mp3 players) and platforms (iOS, Android). You are then in a position to recommend devices most compatible with the developed AR. It is advantageous to allow access to a pool of devices that are stored and distributed close to areas where AR use is expected. This enables support staff to update to latest OS and App versions, limiting the possibility of software bugs. Restricting access via student owned devices can lead to dissatisfaction and feelings of exclusion for those that do not own them.

Make sure that if your chosen AR browser repeatedly crashes you examine the recommended file formats and sizes to make sure they are compliant with accepted standards. Some AR apps have a ceiling for size limits and often content is not displayed if outside these limits.

Check the physical environment for issues related to network or WiFi coverage. Concurrent testing with multiple devices is preferable as it creates a realistic environment.

A number of open source AR browsers have support forums if you have problems with any aspect in relation to development or deployment.


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